I cant even explain how much i love this picture


I cant even explain how much i love this picture

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Day 06 - Five Favourite Songs

1. Jammin’ - Bob Marley . <3 Most Favourite song of all time. Makes me wanna get high as a fucking kite.

2. Jack Johnson - Banana Pancakes. Well anything Jack Johnson really. 

3. Like a G6 - Far Eastmovement. This will probably pass but I’m obsessed with this song.

4. Rap Song - Tpain ft. Rick Ross.

5. Brightside - nevershoutnever.

lover of mine &lt;3

lover of mine <3

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Day 05- A Favourite Memory from Childhood

aww there’s so many, but my favourite memory from childhood would have to be all the time i spent with my next door neightbour, daniel. he was my bestfriend from like befpre year one til when i moved haha. we used to do everything togehter man, even have sleepovers…which was stupid, now that i think about it, because i just lived next door. ha and and and we had this bush thing that we always used to play inside of hahahhahaha good times. we still talk occasionally on facebook and he actually just emailed me some photos he found the other day, so il attach one :) haha

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i miss jimmy and tom :(

and i just saw them on friday. hahaha

yay for tuesdayyyyyyyyyyyyy

Day 04 - 10 Places You Want To Visit

What an insanely boring one, but this is the challenge, so here we go! 

  1. Papua New Guinea, seeing as it’s where I come from and I’ve never been. Awkward :S
  2. Every capital city of Australia! After 18 years here I have only seen Brisbane and Sydney..pathetic!
  3. Morocco, or however you spell it. I’ve wanted to go there ever since I saw SATC 2 hahah
  4. Mexico….since I saw SATC Movie LULZ. I need to stop watching Sex and The City.
  5. The USA, just because.
  6. Amsterdam. So I can get baked.
  7. Paris.
  8. Bali, $4 for a 1 hour massage - heck yes.
  9. Greenland, because Tom was telling me about it and now I want to see it.
  10. GREAT BRITAIN….oh wait.

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